Archery 4.0

The Fabber Product Range

All Fabber products are purely digital products. Its most important component is data, from which real products can be created using 3D printing,(color) printing or laser cutting. In addition to the data, the overall package includes an (extended) PERSONAL USE license and a detailed tutorial with interesting additional information.

The special thing about the Fabber products is that they usually contain not just one data set, but many data sets - each one with small variations. In this way, each archer can gradually approach his individually perfect match by trying things out.

The FabberGrip ALPHA is the answer to boring standard grips that are too big, too small, too wide, too narrow, too colorless or too whatever.

Seven different angles, five different widths and the smooth transition from a concave to a convex contact surface offer (hopefully) the perfect interface to the bow for every hand.

The FabberSightPin ONE is a simple but effective tool for (re)learning and refining correct aiming.

It deliberately differs from other sight pins, so that even experienced shooters have to rethink and are forced to deviate from deadlocked patterns of thought.

The FabberSightPin TWO is a is a classic sight tunnel/aperture/iris for (re)learning and refining the aiming process.

It prevents a (too) strong focus on the aiming process and thus enables a better concentration on the movement process.

The FabberBar C is the generalization of the HEX-22/V-Bar on conventional cylindrical extenders.

Two different opening angles and four different inclination angles are available for each cylinder diameter from 15 to 25 mm.

The FabberTargetFace is a training target face according to the WA/Field standard or a training target face based on the WA/Field standard.

In addition to the usual competition target faces, color-inverted and line-shaped versions are also available, which can be used for special forms of training.