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FabberBar C

The FabberBar C is a very light and highly integrated V-Bar for recurve bows. The C in the product name corresponds to the shortened form of CYLINDER - because the FabberBar C can be mounted on all cylindrical/round extenders with a diameter between 15 and 25 mm (and a free length of 30 mm).

As part of the Fabber product range, the FabberBar C is a purely digital product. The central component is geometry data in STL format, from which real V-Bars can be created using 3D printing. In addition to this geometry data, there is an (extended) PERSONAL USE license and a detailed tutorial with interesting additional information about the overall package.

Each data set of the FabberBar C contains a total of eight different STL models, which result from the combination of four inclination angles (0-15°) with two opening angles (40° and 45°). The detailed tutorial also describes the dimensions and properties of the additionally required O-ring.

Basic Ideas of the FabberBar C

Free Choice of Colour

By 3D printing at home (or at a service provider), the color of the V-Bar can be freely selected. To match the bow, to match the outfit or simply to suit today's mood - everything is possible.


Classic/rigid V-Bars have exactly one fixed combination of opening and inclination angles. However, very few archers have the opportunity to extensively test three, four or even more different V-Bars in order to find out the optimal combination of opening and inclination angle for them.

With its eight different variants (per data set), the FabberBar C offers the opportunity to try out many different combinations of opening and inclination angles. Even later, the arrangement of the stabilization can be adapted to new boundary conditions with a single 3D print.


Plastic is usually more delicate and weaker than metal - there is little room for debate here. The stiffness (= the resistance to deformation) is not purely a material property, but also a geometric property.

The FabberBar C makes use of the second aspect in particular. The organic, large-volume design is therefore not only a visual highlight, but also provides the required stability/rigidity of a modern V-Bar.


FabberBar C

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"last but not least"

Like all other esemro products, the FabberBar C is 100% developed in Germany.

Engineered in Germany. Engineered in Bavaria. Engineered in Rosenheim. And that from the first idea to the final implementation.