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FabberSightPin ONE

The FabberSightPin ONE is a very simple and intuitive to use sight pin for recurve sights. In contrast to the widely used ring sights, it allows an almost unobstructed field of vision on the target.

As part of the Fabber product range, the FabberSightPin ONE is a purely digital product. The central component is geometry data in STL format, from which real sight pins can be created using 3D printing. In addition to this geometry data, there is an (extended) PERSONAL USE license and a detailed tutorial with interesting additional information about the overall package.

The FabberSightPin ONE data set contains a total of three different STL models for the three thread types that are typically used on sights: M4, #8-32 UNC and #10-32 UNF. The detailed tutorial also describes how an old/cheap sight pin can be used for the additionally required threaded rod.

Basic Ideas of the FabberSightPin ONE

Clear view of the target

Classic sight pins are closed all around and thus cover 360° of the field of vision. The FabberSightPin ONE covers only 60° of the field of view and thus allows a much clearer view of the target than other products.

Deliberate Unobtrusiveness

The use of crosshairs, fiber optics, illuminated dots, etc. makes the archer very much aware of the aiming process. However, archery is not a aiming sport but a movement sport and therefore the main focus should always be on the movement.

Due to the deliberately unobtrusive design of the FabberSightPin ONE, the aiming process moves into the background and the archer can better concentrate on his main task (= executing smooth, precise movements).

Precise Aiming

The FabberSightPin ONE offers a very precise and clear target image thanks to its three edges that are bevelled in the direction of view.

(Re-)Learning the Aiming Process

Learning is particularly easy for the brain when it encounters new stimuli/situations. Due to its different nature, the FabberSightPin ONE is ideally suited to relearn the aiming process if errors have crept into the old thought patterns.

The FabberSightPin ONE is also ideal for learning the aiming process for the first time, as its deliberate unobtrusiveness helps to subordinate the aiming process to the movement sequence.


FabberSightPin ONE

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"last but not least"

Like all other esemro products, the FabberSightPin ONE is 100% developed in Germany.

Engineered in Germany. Engineered in Bavaria. Engineered in Rosenheim. And that from the first idea to the final implementation.